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Birthdate:Nov 22
Location:United States of America

Hi. I'm Carina. I am a fangirl. I talk about my life and my friends, a lot. I may swoon a little too much over my friends, my shows and, my boys.

My contact info is HERE, in a flocked post. And you can find all of my icons at [profile] librarianstash


Five Things People Should Know About[personal profile] insaneboingo
1. Talent. Yes, that's how you spell it : [personal profile] insaneboingo
2. She's smart enough even to find relevance and positive arguments in my drunken ramblings. This is something that baffled me from the moment I met her. SHE MAKES ME SOUND AS IF I MAKE SENSE. She's like, a testimonial on legs.
3. She's so much more mature than I could ever hope to be even though I'm something like four or five years older than her. It's actually nice to have someone to look up to.
4. She's probably more literate than you. Trufax.
5. She can read between the lines. And she knows how to have fun. And she can take a joke. (follow her, fandom!)

She ENTIRELY rocks just for supporting and enabling my cracksanity, and getting my insane brain. Plus she's a total sweetie and always has something sweet to say! What more could a flist need? <3

You are so completely made of win it makes me squee. I can't even... you just... *flail* Honestly. You are one of the reasons I love fandom so hard. People just connect and it's awesome and full of love and yeah. You make me happy. ^_^.

Some of My Interests

Slash. All kinds of slash. And Oingo Boingo. Sometimes I combine them.

My Shows: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Chuck, Burn Notice, Criminal Minds, Pushing Daisies, House, Dexter, Psych, Firefly/Serenity, Supernatural, Law & Order: CI, Law and Order: SVU, and a ton of others.

My Boys: Danny Elfman, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Christopher Eccleston, David Thewlis, John Barrowman, David Tennant, Steve Carlson, Alan Rickman, Viggo Mortensen, A lot of men over 40.

It's usually better not to ask.

Friends Only

Stuff n' things:

  • Add me first and comment. Comment letting me know how you found me and such, it's nice to know these things. If I go ahead and add you and you don't add me back, you will probably be defriended within a week or so. Nothing personal, I just like being added back.

  • If you're planning on reading my journal, you must be aware that the content in mostly Adult. When you asked to be added you must realize what you're getting into.

  • I write and talk about Slash, a lot. If you don't know what it is, or have something against it, you have no business reading my journal.

  • This is completely a wank free zone, you take that junk elsewhere. I also don't like starting or keeping alive arguments, if you enjoy arguing, I might not be the person to talk to. Feel free to take it to your own journal. I tend to just drop it.

  • Commenting is nice. I love hearing from the people I write to. You don't have to comment to everything but I would like to know you're alive, every now and again.

That's pretty much it. If you want to be added, comment here.

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